Our Team


From the very first day of our company's activity we have set our goals as high as possible. We realized that simply hiring professionals and rendering services of high quality is not enough for obtaining the ideal result. We were dreaming of a company where each and every Client would become an important part of the whole mechanism. We were dreaming about the employees ready to do more for our Clients than they are supposed to. We were dreaming about a special kind of trust relationship with our Clients. We did not want to manage a heartless machine.

Most of our dreams came true. Each our Client feels our presence everywhere, he knows we will be near to help even if it is not stipulated by the contract. Each employee does love his work and takes very good care of our Clients.

Our group of accounting support of business is managed by Elena Novikova – professional accountant with 15 years of experience in various industry sectors and an amazing person with excellent sense of humor. After 4 years of her work for 4B Solutions we have not received from our Clients a single negative response relating to Elena’s or her team work. But as for positive responses, there were plenty of them.


The legal business support of our Clients is controlled by Oksana Petrenko. Oksana is responsible for all corporate law issues which are such important for our Clients. She also has the expert knowledge in the area of labour and migration law. Like all professional lawyers Oksana respects the law and always knows “how to…”

Finance is the heart of the company. The cost accounting, financial analysis, financial reporting to the company's management, credits for the business development and many other aspects. How to increase the business profitability? Which expenses can be cut down without serious consequences? What will happen to the company tomorrow? Can we afford...? The real financial expert does know the answers to all these questions. We do have such a specialist for our Clients, his name is Mikhail Grigorenko, Financial Director of 4BS. Mikhail is also responsible for M&A projects management and supervises the Corporate Finance Department activity.

Head of 4BS Corporate Finance Department is Yury Nabatchikov – expert in bank credits and finance projects, IPO projects, funds enlistment and arrangement of Clients’ free funds.

Even our driver is an absolutely amazing person. One would think: is it difficult be a driver, to carry out current missions? But only unusual people work in non-standard companies. Our wonderful Viktor Grigorenko always finds special, sometimes funny ways to reach his goals. Do we need to visit the tax inspection off of hours? Do we need to submit the accounting reports if the waiting line is about 300 people? Do we need to enter the office of the tax inspection chief officer and to solve the Client’s problem that seemed to be unmanageable? Yes, we do! We have no idea how he does all that, but he always reaches his goals easily and effectively.

Tatyana Grigorenko is the General Director of 4B Solutions. One of the company’s founders and its everlasting leader. I believe that our Clients find us the best. My job is to make sure that every day each of our Clients believes: "It's so good to have 4B Solutions as my partner".

P.S. You will see the last name “Grigorenko” three times in the list of our key employees. Of course, it’s not a coincidence. We are proud of my business and we want to entrust it to the most reliable people in the world – our employees, and three members of one family are among them. They have a common interest – to make our business perfect. Is not this the best indication of the high quality of our services?