Accounting support of foreign business in Russia


We specialize in accounting and taxation support of foreign representative offices and branches as well as Russian companies with foreign ownership since the first day of our operation.


We hire professionals speaking foreign languages (English is most often spoken) to enable our customers easily communicate with their accountants. We are proficient in the preparation of transparent reporting for the head offices of our Customers.


We do our job really well and sincerely want to please you. Please find below a brief description of our services.


What we offer you


We undertake all tasks related to accounting and taxation support of business:


  • - preparation of documentation for your Customers (accounts, reports, bills, invoices);
  • - accounting and tax accounting using special software;
  • - calculation of payroll and related taxes, including payslip issuing to the employees;
  •  - preparation and submission of all types of accounting reports and tax accounting, and reporting to non-budgetary funds;
  • - HR records keeping in full;
  • - consulting support under the Agreement in in real time.


What it means in practice: You do not have to hire an Accountant, Chief Accountant and Human Resources Manager. We undertake all scope of the work you need.



Our Clients


The majority of our Clients are representative offices and branches of foreign companies as well as Russian companies (LLCs, CJSCs, OJSCs) with foreign ownership. We also render services to Russian companies who value the highest level of professionalism and service.



Our advantages


We are oriented on the foreign business, which implies:

  • - English-speaking personnel;
  • - daily practice of solving the problems of foreign business in Russia;
  • - knowledge of all the specific features and unique experience


High level of automation processing, which implies:

  • - prompt solution of the problems of your business;
  • - ability to set fair prices for services;
  • - minimizing the impact of the "human error"


VIP-level service for every Client, which implies

  • - your personal accountant is ALWAYS in touch and quickly responding to all requests;
  • - top quality service and Customer's satisfaction are our key priorities


Cost of Services


Cost of Services is calculated individually based on the characteristics of a given business and needs of a specific Customer.


Why do we not offer ready-made pricing decisions? You would not like to pay 30% more simply because it is the standard price of a similar project, right?



Frankly speaking, our price offer is the best on the market, where mentioning a "foreign company" adds at least 100% to the cost of services. Foreign business is our specialty, and it allows us to offer you the most fair prices.



How to start cooperation


You need to take just a few steps to choose effective accounting of 4BS:


1. Please let us know whether you are interested in our services - please contact us in any manner you find suitable. You will get our response quicker than expected.


2. In order to make you an individual offer, we need to know about your business a little more. To do this, we are sending you a questionnaire for service cost estimate. We can fill it in with you or you can fill it in at any time you find suitable and return it to us.


3. You will receive our Commercial Proposal prepared specifically for your business.


4. It is high time to get acquainted, to discuss prospects of cooperation and to sign a Service Agreement.


5. Welcome! Thank you for your trust in us. We will do everything to justify it.