We have a perfect Team. When strengthening our Team by a new professional, we always do our best to keep friendly atmosphere in our office.

To tell the truth, we have vacancies quite
seldom, usually as a result of company’s expansion. It’s a subject of our special pride.


You have all chances for success, if:

  • 1.You do really love your profession.
  • 2.You do want to become more professional every day, work hard and learn a lot.
  • 3.You behave extremely friendly towards your colleagues and Clients.

Such a person will never work in 4BS for more than 1 day:

  • 1.For he/she it doesn’t matter where to work, they need only good salary.
  • 2.This person needs strict control and inspection.
  • 3.This person doesn’t understand that our main goal – is providing the perfect service to our Clients. "Everybody makes like that", "I don’t care" - not our philosophy.


If you really want to work in 4B Solutions, we will be happy to receive your CV. We will contact you as soon as we have a position for you.