Full truth about 4BS


Let us introduce ourselves!

You will find a lot of boring numbers, general phrases, boasting and empty promises on the corporate websites of the majority of companies. We want to tell you the truth about our company, so that you were able to comprehend the way we are and to evaluate the true benefits of our business approach.

Going Back to History

The year 2004. The economy of Russia is blossoming, Russia provides excellent possibilities for profitable investments. Thousands of companies are being registered in the country every day, 2% of them are from abroad. Foreign companies open their representative offices and branches in Moscow, and many foreign businessmen arrive to Russia on a daily basis to develop their business in the new region.


Nevertheless, there is not a single company on the Russian market providing professional support of the foreign business in Russia. The cost of services of existing large international companies due to the limited offer is unreasonable high. Local consultants are aimed at supporting Russian companies only and often are unable to display the high level of qualification of their specialists.


This is when 4B Solutions was launched. While starting our business, we did not intend to establish a corporation similar to the companies of “the Big Four”. From the very beginning we decided to form a small or medium family owned company where each Client would get the most reliable support, where our specialists would have a chance to spare on their Clients as much time and attention as they can, and where Clients and employees would become members of one “family”.


Now we are the company with advantages described. We're proud of our Clients and our Team. We're proud of what we do for you. Join us!