Administrative support of foreign business in Russia


4B Solutions specializes on comprehensive support of foreign business in Russia that’s why we suggest our Clients not only professional accounting and legal support services but also a wide variety of important additional services in order to make your business in Russia efficient.


What we offer you

We are happy to provide to our Clients all types of professional administrative services which they might need while doing business in Russia:

  • - translation of documents from/to English, German, Spanish, French (by 4BS staff) and other languages (by translation agency - 4BS partner offering special prices for 4BS Clients);
  • - courier services by specially qualified 4BS staff;
  • - VIP-delivery services (in case our Client needs more than just a delivery from point A to point B - intellectual delivery services);
  • - comprehensive "Virtual office" services - best choice for you in case you don't need your personal office in Moscow (we offer phone, secretary, postal support and professional representing of your interests in Russia);
  • - meeting room rent (for 6-8 persons);
  • - business trips ;
  • - meeting of foreign guests of our Clients in the airports, transfer to hotel, organization of excursions in Moscow;
  • - secretary services including preparation of documents;
  • - working-out company's web-site and promo-materials;
  • - other administrative support in accordance with 4BS employees and partners competence.


On practice it means that you do not need to rent your own office, employ your personal secretary, courier, office-manager, designer, ensure in their professionalism, competence and loyalty and spend lot of money for services you don't really need. We do everything you need.

For whom


Our main Clients are representative offices and branches of foreign companies and Russian companies (LLC, CJSC, OJSC) with foreign capital. We also provide our services to Russian companies which appreciate the highest level of professionalism and service.


Our advantages


We specialize on foreign business, that’s why

  • - our personnel speaks English;
  • - we have daily practice of solving specific problems of foreign business in Russia;
  • - we have a unique experience and know the specific of your business


High level of automatization, that’s why

  • - we react immediately on your queries;
  • - we have fair price policy;
  • - influence of “human factor” is about zero level


VIP-service for EACH Client, that’s why

  • - your personal accountant IS ALWAYS available when needed and reacts extremely fast on all your requests;
  • - we have first class quality of services and always try to meet our Clients’ requirements


Fees for our Services


The fee for services is calculated individually taking into account specifics of your business, list of requiured services and your personal requirements.


Friendly speaking, our price policy is the best on the market where the phrase “foreign business” adds at least 100% to the fee for services. We do specialize on foreign business that’s why our prices are fair.


How to start cooperation


Only few steps separate you from effective legal support by 4BS:


  1. 1. To let us know that you’re interested in our services – please contact us in any convenient way. We will react very quickly.  

  2. 2. You obtain our Commercial offer prepared individually for your company

  3. 3. It’s time to get acquainted, discover opportunities for prosperous cooperation and sign the Services Contract.

  4. 4. Welcome! Thanks for your trust. We will make everything we can to justify it.