Service Package Business Pause

Stay in Russia! We will help

You are not always getting exactly what you planned. You have already spent considerable amounts of money on the opening of an office in Russia, but decided to suspend operations in Russia "until better times".


Believe us, you do not have to liquidate the company. We will help you to ride out the crisis and save the company with minimal expenses.


Business Pause Service Package includes:


  • - preliminary consultation on the cooperation options;
  • - search of a temporary address and re-registration of business at this address;
  • - performance of functions of the Director General (Head of the Representative Office/ Branch);
  • - preparation and submission of accounting, taxation and statistical reports of the company not operating in Russia;
  • - control of accounting, taxation and legal security of the business;
  • - administrative support of your activity in Russia:
  • - information on the company standing in in real time.


That is everything you need to keep your business in Russia.


Advantages of Business Pause Service Package:


Image - people are usually wary about the company, which has once closed its office in Russia. If you keep the company, time will work in your favor.


Efficiency - you can retain business in Russia at minimum cost and will be able to quickly restore the activity as soon as you see fit.


Benefit - liquidation of an operating office and opening a new one is very expensive. If you are leaving Russia for the time being, our services will be a real gem for you.

Cost of Business Pause Service Package:
EUR 400 / month
(including VAT)
Our Clients know


that we can be trusted with the most important things, because we


  • - employ the best professionals;
  • - specialize in what we can do best;
  • - invest in the automation of business and the personnel development;
  • - are proud of our reasonable price policy;
  • - cherish every Customer.


Please do not hesitate: 4BS is a great choice for your business. We will do our best for you to feel confident in our company and to establish the best relationship between us.