Consulting support for business in Russia

Starting, maintaining and even terminating a business in Russia is always connected with a lot of issues. Experience of 4B Solutions allows resolving these issues at a high quality level, promptly and based exclusively on a practical point of view. We understand the wishes of our Clients and we do our best to answer each question as quickly as possible and in exactly the format that our Clients need.


What we offer
We provide consulting support:


- for establishing business in Russia (selection of the optimal legal structure and taxation system, advice on the choice of suppliers and future expenses, assistance in the recruitment and signing of labor contracts, etc.);

- advising on the accounting procedures;

- advising on taxation issues of your business;

- legal advice (civil, labor, immigration, contract law) and transaction support;

- in the process of liquidation of business in Russia (the selection of optimal liquidation scheme, solution of the related issues arising at liquidation, representing the company under liquidation);

- other consulting support within the competence of 4BS experts.


Consulting services of 4BS are paid based on the hourly rates of the experts as following:


Partner                                     EUR 160 / hour

Senior Consultant                    EUR 110 / hour

Consultant                                EUR 90 / hour

Junior Consultant                     EUR 45 / hour


We agree upon the total budget of each project and its timeframe with the Client in advance, in writing. In any case, the only surprises will be the pleasant ones!


Our Clients

The majority of our Clients are representative offices and branches of foreign companies and also Russian companies (LLCs, CJSCs, OJSCs) with foreign participation. We also render services to Russian companies who value the highest levels of professionalism and service, as well as individuals who are planning to establish a business.

Our advantages

We are oriented at the foreign business, which implies:

- English-speaking personnel;

- daily practice of solving the problems of foreign business in Russia;

- knowledge of all the specific features and unique experience;


High level of automation, which implies:

- prompt solution of the problems of your business;

- ability to set fair prices for services;

- minimizing the impact of the "human error"


VIP-level service for every Client, which implies:

- your personal accountant is ALWAYS in touch and quickly responding to all requests;

- top quality service and Customer's satisfaction are our key priorities.


Frankly speaking, our price offer is the best on the market, where mentioning a "foreign company" adds at least 100% to the cost of services. High-quality and prompt consulting services for foreign companies, Russian businesses and entrepreneurs who are planning to start a business is our profile.


How to start cooperation
You need to take just a few steps to start cooperation with 4BS:


1. Please let us know whether you are interested in our services - please contact us in any manner you find suitable. You will get our response from us quicker than expected.

2. You will get our Commercial Offer prepared specifically for your business needs including all special offers currently available.

3. It is high time to get acquainted better, to discuss prospects of cooperation and to sign a Service Agreement.

4. Welcome! Thank you for your trust in us. We will do everything to justify it.