Service package Comprehensive Outsourcing

Individual support of your business
We know what is important to you
  • - to be confident in your accounting procedure;
  • - to pay minimum taxes;
  • - to get a timely legal support;
  • - to maximize profits;
  • - and not to spend all your money on consultants.
 Comprehensive Outsourcing Service Package includes:


- preliminary consultation;

- comprehensive accounting and taxation support of business (including HR administration);

- legal analysis of your contracts with suppliers;

- 10 hours of professional legal support monthly;

- financial planning and control;

- administrative support of your activity in Russia.


*Comprehensive Outsourcing Service Package is composed individually, according to your wishes as to the list of the rendered services.


Advantages of Comprehensive Outsourcing Service Package:

Promptness - because we always have all information on hand and we can carry out multiple processes simultaneously.

Benefit - when you order the package, you are paying 15% less for each service and you get some free services. And, most importantly, you get the services related to registration or accreditation of the company at absolutely no cost.

Efficiency - because we are a single team, which means that a dedicated manager will monitor the whole process in real time.


Our Clients know

that we can be trusted with the most important things, because we

  • - employ the best professionals;
  • - specialize in what we can do best;
  • - invest in the automation of business and the personnel development;
  • - are proud of our reasonable price policy;
  • - cherish every Customer.


Please do not hesitate: 4BS is a great choice for your business. We will do our best for you to feel confident in our company and to establish the best relationship between us.