Service package Business Management

Management in Russia with no extra cost for the Director
We know what is important to you:

  • - to be represented in Russia;
  • - to have no doubts in the skills and the honesty of the Director;
  • - to employ a Director having the necessary legal, accounting and financial expertise, who can speak a foreign language;
  • - to have full control of your business in Russia;
  • - to receive full reporting information on a regular basis;
  • - to maximize profits.


Business Management Service Package by 4BS includes:

  • - preliminary consultation on the cooperation options;
  • - day-to-day management of the Russian office in strict compliance with the Articles of Association of the company and the Service Agreement;
  • - control of accounting, taxation and legal security of the business;
  • - administrative support of your activity in Russia.

Advantages of Business Management Service Package by 4BS:


Benefit - by ordering this package together with Comprehensive Outsourcing Service Package, you will get a fully functioning Russian office at the lowest price.

Security - strict limitation of the Director's powers, absolute (as opposed to hiring a Director) protection of the Employer from illegal actions of the person acting as the Director.

Efficiency - communication and understanding between your Director, Accountant, Lawyer and Secretary are at the highest level.

Cost of Business Management Service Package:
starting from EUR 600* / month
(including VAT)
* This value is applied if you order a complete set of services from the above list. You can create your own Service Package that suits the specific needs of your company.
Our Clients know
 that we can be trusted with the most important things, because we 
  • - employ the best professionals;
  • - specialize in what we can do best;
  • - invest in the automation of business and the personnel development;
  • - are proud of our reasonable price policy;
  • - cherish every Customer.


Please do not hesitate: 4BS is a great choice for your business. We will do our best for you to feel confident in our company and to establish the best relationship between us.