Customer Service Upgrading

How to gain and retain market leadership in an increasingly competitive environment?


The leaders of tomorrow will be the companies who start thinking about the importance of improving the quality of their services and implementing effective Customer loyalty programs ahead of their competitors. How to increase the share of regular Customers? How to reduce the cost of attracting new Customers? How to spread the word of mouth? Our answer is unsurpassed Customer Service. Practical experience and innovative solutions are offered by the experts of 4B Solutions.


Nothing is the same forever. Today's leaders can lose their positions by failing to pay due attention to their Customers, while outsiders have all chances make a name for themselves by launching effective Customer loyalty programs.


The Russian market is rapidly changing. We often hear about the introduction of a variety of bonus and discount programs, collection of the Customers' feedback. However, analyzing these innovations from a purely professional point of view, the experts agree that these programs will be unlikely to increase the number of Customers significantly, attract more major customers, improve brand perception and, therefore, maximize the profit of the company.


Companies spend large amounts on advertising without thinking that there is a much more interesting and effective way to increase profits and improve the company's position in the market. This is an Exceptional Service. Do you want your company to be praised at all times, do you want to get the positive feedback from your customers more frequently, do you want to stay away from tough price competition? There is only one way to do it - an Exceptional Service. Leaders of tomorrow understand it today.


How to increase sales without increasing the advertising budget?

Practice shows that the costs of attracting a new Customer are always much higher than the costs of maintaining the loyalty of existing ones.


Unfortunately, many companies underestimate the importance of regular Customers. And meanwhile the regular Customer:


  • - is a powerful tool to promote your products and services (recommends his/her favorite company, thereby spreading the "word of mouth");
  • - buys more and more often, and is more active towards novelties (new offered products and services);
  • - is willing to pay more (sensitivity to prices is reduced, according to various estimates, by 8-15%);
  • - is more loyal to possible errors and tensions while working with you;
  • - is a constant source of predictable income;
  • - saves your money (you have once paid to attract the customer, and attraction of new customers always requires money and time);
  • - does not pay your competitors.

What is an Exceptional Service?


It is the one that exceeds expectations. This is not just an advertising slogan. This is a guide to action.


This is how the Customer describes the Exceptional Service:


 "Let me give you a practical example - why do I use the services of a car wash "X".


1. They are glad to see me: from the very first visit they meet me with a sincere smile and a cup of delicious coffee. From the second visit, they greet me by name, know that I prefer touch-free washing and ... cappuccino!


2. They do more than they promise: once I had an unpleasant accident - I got the wing scratched, but fortunately, the scratch was shallow and could be polished. The mirror was also damaged, but I was sure that it needed painting. While I enjoyed my coffee, the workers did not only fix the wing, but the mirror as well. Please note that I did not tell them anything about the mirror. Another nice detail is they charged only for fixing the wing. Such attention is worth more than the discounts.


3. They are excellent in details: I stopped by to wash the car right after tire fitting with dirty wheels in the trunk, and I left the car washing in a crystal clear car, with clean wheels in the trunk packed in special bags. I did not ask them to do it, they just again exceeded my expectations. Do you think I will choose the car washing in the neighborhood instead of this one, even if it were by 100 rubles cheaper?


4. I am truly delighted with the management and the personnel of this company - I am proud to be their Customer."


In our country, the loyalty system usually somehow means issuing discount or bonus cards. But sincere loyalty is rarely based on discounts, because if your competitor offered a bigger discount, the Customer will leave you for it without hesitation.


Cooperation with 4B Solutions

Customer's Service Improvement is our profile. We are happy to share our experience, achievements and creative solutions with our Customers. Why choose 4B Solutions? You can try to build-up a system of Customers' Loyalty and Exceptional Service on your own. Moreover, without the active support of the management, it will be hard for the company to achieve significant results.


But can the company build its own fully functional system and implement it as soon as possible (procrastination or delays are not acceptable in this process)? Will there be a charismatic person in the company who has no conflicts with the employees and is able to communicate the idea of improvement to them? Will he or she have enough experience, knowledge, creativity? Which solutions will work in a particular case and which ones are better to introduce at some later stage? Will costs of time of the company management be comparable with the consultants' fees? We know the answers to these questions, which is why entered this market and we are successfully working on it.


Policy of 4B Solutions provides for signing an agreement with only one company operating on a particular market. We offer exclusive solutions that increase revenues and improve the status of the company and which under no circumstances can be disclosed or duplicated. In addition, our services are exclusive and are not offered by other companies. It is high time to get ahead of the competition!


Forms of cooperation with 4B Solutions:


1. Development of Customer service improvement programs.

2. Study of Customers' satisfaction.

3. Service of Quality Hot Lines.

4. Consulting support.

5. Workshops and training for the personnel.

6. Certification program "4BS: Exceptional Service".


Certificate of Quality "4BS: Exceptional Service"

4B Solutions has developed Certification Program "4BS: Exceptional Service". Its difference from earlier foreign certification programs is the practical orientation of the quality control. We do not certify any common quality standards theoretically developed by someone. This Certificate confirms that the company which gets it really takes care of its Customers, exceeds their expectations and is a truly reliable partner.


Our Customers get a Quality Certificate after the completion of the improvement of their Customer service. 4B Solutions also accepts applications for certification tests from the companies operating in the Russian market. Based on the results of such tests the company may be issued a Quality Certificate and included in the relevant public Registry "4BS: Exceptional Service".

How to start cooperation


You need to take just a few steps to start cooperation with 4BS:


1. Please let us know whether you are interested in our services - please contact us in any manner you find suitable. You will get our response quicker than expected.

2. You will get our Commercial Proposal prepared specifically for your business needs with all special offers currently available.

3. It is high time to get acquainted better, to discuss prospects of cooperation and to sign a Service Agreement.

4. Welcome! Thank you for your trust in us. We will do everything to justify it.