Here we're!


Are we available during these long Russian holidays (which are going to last till the 8th of January, 2014, BTW)? Sure! Company which pretends to be a service provider for foreign business is obliged to (are we the only ones who thinks so?)


This year is really young and Russian business is in a winter sleep waiting for the 9th of January when the employees will start coming back to Russia but 4BS is not sleeping at all. We're working on management report in IFRS and GAAP standards for the Head Offices of our foreign Clients.


Deadlines have never heard about long holidays - that's why first reports have already landed in Spain, USA, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.


And please feel free to address any (urgent or not) report to your Personal Manager (by e-mail) or via - we will be happy to show you our fast reaction and help you.


We wish you a Happy 2014! Let's make it profitable and successful together!